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Skin Tags Removal & Blood Tests In London

Skin tags are common issue that can affect everyone. The small, soft growths of skin, which commonly occur where skin rubs together, are made up of loose collagen fibres and blood vessels. They are usually harmless but can often snag on jewellery or clothing, with some people finding that they affect their self esteem.

As a trusted provider of blood testing services, we offer a service that is fast, safe, and completely confidential. At Health Avenue Beauty our team can process NHS-accepted results in as little as 24 to 48 hours.

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Less than 3 - £99 £150
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Skin Tag Removal

At Health Avenue Beauty we offer a personal and effective skin tag removal service. Our methods are pain free and will completely remove the chosen skin tag leaving only a small white or pink mark in its place. We know skin tags can make our customers feel self-conscious, which is why our removal service is quick, easy and affordable.

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Blood Tests

Requiring just a small quantity of blood our tests offer an insight into a wide range of health factors, including: Diabetes, Awareness, Cholesterol Awareness, Hair Loss Detection, Heart Disease Risk, Tiredness & Fatigue, Erectile Dysfunction, Male, Testosterone, Menopause Checks, Men’s & Women’s Wellbeing Health Checks, Vitamin D, B12, B9 & Folate Levels, Female, Hormone & Thyroid Function

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